Add new applications

Add new applications from Sqreen's user interface

Add your first application

After signing up on Sqreen, you will be able to choose a name for your application, the language (Ruby, Python or Node.js), and the environment (Production, Staging or Development).

The installation instructions help you set up Sqreen in your application.

localhost-3000-onboarding-welcome (0).png

Add a new application

You will be able to scope security events to specific applications in your organization. For example, you might create separate applications for production versus development instances, or separate applications for micro-services and other services.

Click on the left side menu of the user interface to add your first application, then click on "Add a new application" link.

You will be able to name your new application, choose the environment (production, or dev/staging) and the language of your application.

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You can now install the Sqreen agent in your application. Follow the Installation instructions provided on your dashboard according to your platform.

Refer to the following links for more information: * Ruby Applications * Python Applications * Node.js Applications

Retrieve your application's Sqreen token

Your application's Sqreen token is available anytime on the user interface in "Hosts" section of your Applications Settings. See more details in this section.

Add new hosts to an application

Refer to Protecting new hosts section.