Pre-defined Security Automation Playbooks

Browse the catalog of the pre-defined playbooks that Sqreen created to automate security responses for common situations. Sqreen organized the playbooks into four categories.


Playbooks in the Anomalies category focus on anomalous behavior within your application. Examples include:

  • Application server clock desynchronized
  • Vulnerable our outdated runtime in use


Playbooks in the OWASP category focus on addressing the top ten most common vulnerabilities as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). For example:

  • Reset password abuse

Suspicious activities

Playbooks in the Suspicious activities category are relevant for some business verticals. Examples include:

  • Unusual volume of failed payment attempts
  • Content abuse
  • Free plan abuse

User protection

Playbooks in the User protection protect your app by focusing on user activities. Examples include:

  • Admin role granted
  • Unusual volume of user invited
  • Block users connecting from TOR
  • Login with shared account

Help with playbooks

Contact us for help building your playbook!