Security Automation

Sqreen Security Automation enables you to protect your application from attackers.

Using Security Automation, you can automate how your application should behave when malicious actors target your application.

Security Automation relies on playbooks. Some are built-in by Sqreen but you can create your own one, using built-in or custom (SDK) events.


Sqreen libraries bundle security responses enabling you to define security playbooks quickly without having to modify a single line of code. Learn more about them.

A simple SDK enables you to track custom events related to your applications business logic and build custom playbooks.

Refer to your technology guide to learn how-to track your first custom events:

Security playbooks

Security Automation relies on playbooks representing a security scenario (event, detection method, period of time, IP or user) and the security response you want to apply automatically in your applications (block the bad actor, POST to a webhook, notifications, etc).

Learn more.


To help you get started, we've already setup common security scenarios.

Enable them in your Sqreen applications from your dashboard or first learn more about them.