Built-in security responses

Security responses help you automate scenarios faster. When installing one of our libraries, you immediately benefit from the following responses:

  1. Block an IP address or a user account temporarily or permanently.
  2. Redirect the request to a pre-defined URL.
  3. POST the context to a webhook URL on trigger. Learn more about the payload.

More security responses are coming!

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Security responses and user accounts

In order to protect your application from authenticated attackers, you must implement the related Sqreen SDK methods.

Refer to your technology guide to learn more:

What blocked IP or user will see

Blocked IP or user visiting your application will see this page.

If you're willing to display a custom page instead, we recommand you to use the redirect security response.


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POST to webhook

A security response payload will be sent every time a Security Playbook triggers.

Payload structure

    "sqreen_payload_type": "security_response",
    "date_created": "2018-07-20T12:01:17.374627+00:00",
    "application": {
      "name": "Application name",
      "environment": "production",
      "id": "5a87625fcefe8b16933724"
    "properties": {
      "ips": [
          "ip_cidr": ""
      "user_identifiers": [
          "email": "user@sqreen.com"
    "playbook": {
      "name": "Peak of login failure",
      "id": "5b3e2b316964a8001b500ca2"