Ruby microagent compatibility

Compatibility Supported Deprecated Not supported
Operating systems Linux (incl. Alpine), macOS High Sierra - Big Sur, Solaris - Windows
CPU architectures x86-64 -
Runtimes Ruby 2.0 - 3.0, JRuby 9.2 Ruby 1.9.3 JRuby 9.1
Web frameworks Rack, Rails 3.2 - 6.0, Sinatra 2.x - Rails 2.x - 3.1, Hanami
Web app servers Passenger, Puma, Rainbows, Thin, Unicorn, WEBrick - Falcon
Databases MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite - MS SQL Server, Oracle
Templating engines ActionView, ERB, Haml, Slim, Temple - Hamlit
User monitoring Devise, SDK for User monitoring -
APMs NewRelic, DataDog, Scout, Skylight -


For Sqreen 1.20.0 and up, Skylight 5.0.0.beta or up is required. Use Skylight 4.3 or below with Sqreen 1.18.


Database support requires Active Record.


Due to the use of native code for performance purposes, a C compiler is required to build Ruby extentions.

Due to a syntax incompatibility between Ruby 1.9.3 and 3.0, agent version 1.22 will be the last to support 1.9.3 with preliminary support for 3.0, and agent version 1.23 will drop support for 1.9.3, introducting full support for 3.0.


  • The In-App WAF features are unavailable on Solaris due to platform incompatibilities with the native Sqreen Microagent components.
  • Alpine Linux and Solaris are currently not compatible with libv8 7.3 but only with libv8 6.8. We recommend that you apply a version constraint in your Gemfile to use the matching sq_mini_racer version:
    gem 'sq_mini_racer', '< 0.2.5' if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /(?:linux-musl|solaris)/