This is a non-exhaustive list of problems and troubleshooting strategies. If you need help please email us at or contact us through our web chat. Please don't hesitate, we're here to help!


Sqreen is not showing any protected requests but my application has traffic

Ensure the main module of your application starts with the following code:


Sqreen does not show anything under the 'DB requests' field

This can come from two issues: The application does not have the Sqreen module as the first module required. Ensure that require('sqreen') is the first statement executed by the application. Sqreen does not support the database. Please contact us to discuss this topic.

Sqreen does not log in

Run the troubleshooting script sqreen-check-network:

At the root of the project, run the following:

$ node ./node_modules/.bin/sqreen-check-network

Or if using a proxy:

$ node ./node_modules/.bin/sqreen-check-network -p <proxy_url>

The script tries to reach Sqreen server to ensure it's accessible.