Java agent compatibility

The Sqreen Java agent is compatible with most popular web frameworks, operating systems, and web servers. Below you can find more details about specific version compatibility.

Refer to the installation steps to install Sqreen in your Java applications.

Other framework?

We are constantly working on supporting more frameworks. Please, contact us if you are using a different framework. We are happy to revisit our roadmap!

Java versions

The Sqreen Java agent is fully compatible with all Java versions starting from 1.6.

Java frameworks

The Sqreen Java agent is mostly framework agnostic -- it relies primarily on the Servlet API. However, some features require a tighter integration with certain frameworks and libraries. This is the case for XSS detection. We support the following templating engines:

We also have improved user parameter detection in Spring Web MVC (complementing the information obtained through the Servlet API).

Operating systems

Sqreen supports Linux, macOS and Windows for the Java agent.


Sqreen tests the Java agent against the following servers:

Oracle Glassfish 5.0

Glassfish 5 has a known compatibility issue with Java 8 after update 151, which prevents proper connection to any external service using SSL/TLS for secure communication. Using a more recent JDK will prevent our agent from communicating with our backend.


Sqreen protects against SQL and NoSQL injections for the most common production databases:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB

Other database?

Please, contact us if you are using a different database. We are happy to revisit our roadmap!

JVM Agents

Agent ordering

When more than one JVM agent are in use, we currently require Sqreen agent to be the last in the JVM arguments to maximize compatibility.

Sqreen agent is tested against the following JVM agents:

  • NewRelic
  • AppDynamics
  • Datadog

Datadog agent before 0.27.0

Datadog agent had a known compatibility issue before version 0.27.0 that prevented any other Java agent to properly read the modified classes. Please update to version 0.27.0 or later.