Java microagent compatibility

Compatibility Supported Not supported
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows Solaris
Runtime versions 1.6 and greater -
JVM languages JRuby, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Kotlin
Web frameworks Spring Boot Netty, SparkJava, Play
Web app servers GlassFish, JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat, Untertow, WebLogic, WebSphere, WildFly -
Databases MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQLite, MS SQL Server
Templating engines FreeMarker 2, JavaServer pages (JSP), Velocity 2, org.codehaus.groovy, GSP on Grails 2 and 3, Thymeleaf 2 and 3 -
User monitoring SDK for user monitoring -

Oracle Glassfish 5.0

Glassfish 5.0 has a known compatibility issue with Java 8 after update 151, which prevents a proper connection to any external service using SSL/TLS for secure communication. Do not use a version later than update 151.

Using JRuby

If your app uses JRuby, please email for assistance.

JVM Agents

If you use more than one JVM agent in your application, be sure to require the Sqreen Microagent for Java last in the JVM arguments.

The Sqreen microagent works with the following JVM agents:

  • NewRelic
  • AppDynamics
  • Datadog, version 0.27.0 or later