Sqreen has joined Datadog!

Following Datadog's acquisition of Sqreen, different aspects of the product will change. You can read more here.

New organizations

No more new organizations can be created, meaning:

  • No more user signups from GitHub, Google, Heroku or by password/email.
  • Inviting teammates to already existing orgs is still available.

Heroku's update

  • You can no longer add Heroku Sqreen's addon to new Heroku apps
  • No new signups from Heroku to the Sqreen product
  • If you already had an app with Heroku's Sqreen Addon, you can keep it as usual

If you are an existing customer and you still need to add Sqreen to a new application, the only way to setup Sqreen on a new app now is to add it using the Sqreen interface: