Install Sqreen on a Go App on Google App Engine

Quick Start

This Go app example allows to create a Go web server that serves "Hello HTTP!", and deploy it to Google App Engine.

It firstly uses Google Cloud Build with a multi-stage dockerfile in order to build the docker image containing the Go server. It is then deployed to Google App Engine using the flexible environment.


The commands below assume that you have set $PROJECT_ID to the name of your GCP project. If your project name is my-project, you can do this by executing export PROJECT_ID=my-project prior to running the below commands.

  • Create the docker image with Cloud Build:

    $ gcloud builds submit --config=cloudbuild.yaml .

  • Create the application on our dashboard and get its credentials at

  • Deploy the previously built docker image to Google App Engine flexible environment:

    $ gcloud app deploy$PROJECT_ID/sqreen-go-hello-http app.yaml

You can then hit the URL returned by that command to see the Hello HTTP! web service response, now protected by Sqreen!

Sqreen for Go

Don't forget to tear down your App Engine deployment to avoid billing charges for a running service.

Detailed Installation Instructions

The detailed installation instructions required to setup Sqreen in a docker image are the same as the general setup instructions.