Install the Go agent

Install Sqreen in your Go apps.

Installing the agent

Using Go modules

1 - Import the agent package in the main package of your Go app:

import _ ""

2 - Go toolchain's commands such as go install or go build will add it to your go.mod file, pointing to the latest stable version, and download it.

Not using Go modules

1 - Download the Go agent and the SDK using go get:

go get -d

2 - Import the package agent in the main package of your Go app:

import _ ""

Running the agent

The installed agent starts when credentials are configured:

  1. Sign up to Sqreen to create your account.
  2. Add a new host by following the shown installation and configuration steps.

Learn more about configuration settings.

Integrating Sqreen to your Go app

Automated integration

The following software integration steps are required until we support automated software integration for Go, aka dynamic instrumentation. We are actively working on this key feature to bring you the best Sqreen experience. Feel free to contact us to know more.

Web Frameworks

Sqreen integrates with your web framework by using the corresponding middleware API. Please follow the instructions of the following supported frameworks:


Security automation and user monitoring, including protection from user account takeovers, need explicit usage of the SDK. They are based on a few events that need to be added to your Go apps and documented in the following sections:

Uninstall the agent

To uninstall the Sqreen agent, remove the package from your imported packages and dependencies.